Key Idea:  

When working with seniors, you can no longer ignore the reality that isolation is significant health concern.  Solving this problem is not easy, but the right technology can make a big difference when nothing else can.

Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Readers of the Wall Street Journal may’ve come across a troubling article last week that speaks to the core of who we are at INVU. First, let me give a brief summary of the report cited from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.


  • Seniors (age 65+) are often lonely, even within community settings.
  • This matters because four decades of research have produced robust evidence that social isolation is associated with a significantly increased risk for early death from all causes.
  • We have attempted to combat loneliness and isolation by relying on volunteers, grants, and donations. Although well intended, these models are not sustainable.


The report sees a few options in dealing with this problems:

  1. Health care providers should monitor their patients for loneliness, and to ultimately recognize that isolation is deeply interwoven into clinical concerns.
  2. Medicaid and private insurance programs that target social determinants of health be upgraded to address loneliness and social isolation.
  3. On a federal level, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ( should create a new national resource center for dealing with the issue of loneliness for seniors.

INVU – A World Without Loneliness

When I began INVU, my goal was to help seniors age with dignity. From my decades of experience in caring for seniors, I understood that we could not treat a senior’s health condition while ignoring everything else about the person. I also saw that—as the National Academies noted—that it sometimes feel impossible to do it all. Care teams are spread thin. There’s a lot of work to do, and only so many people on my staff.

So when I started INVU, my hope was to  look to technology to solve the problem. What if seniors could connect with friends and family through simple, senior-focused kiosk? On the other side: what if care teams felt more capable? Felt like their jobs were easier?  Could we do both?

Ask any of our customers, and they’ll tell you that here, today in 2020, our INVU platform has brought these dreams into reality.  Here’s where things get even better.

  • INVU increases operational efficiencies.
  • INVU can help you prepare for the carve-in.
  • INVU allows providers to capture non-acute revenue in addition to supporting value- based reimbursement metrics
  • INVU can open new markets. Providers can turn palliative from a loss leader into a profit center. For senior living, we can expand their business behind the walls of their community.

Do you run a healthcare company? Are you concerned about the limitations of tech, or have you tried telemedicine and it worked out poorly? Put your toughest questions and skepticisms in an email!