COVID-19 Quarantined Elderly Confined to Their Home

Summary: We are here to help. INVU can connect those quarantined with healthcare providers and government officials via a HIPAA compliant suite of tools including video conferencing. The INVU solution supports caring for, monitoring and tracking all quarantined individuals. With INVU, healthcare providers and government officials are assured that ONLY accurate information is disseminated.

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INVU: Technology for Supporting Efforts to Manage the Coronavirus

No question–we have a shared problem here on Thursday, March 12, 2020. The coronavirus is spreading and we all feel responsible to stay informed and be proactive. We must all do our part, for our own good, and for the good of society.  Here at INVU, we have created technology that is uniquely built to help patients, their healthcare providers, and state and federal officials who are tasked with managing the virus. 

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Problems with Home-based Quarantine

For confirmed carriers of the virus, healthcare specialists see it in everyone’s best interest for the patient to leave the hospital and return to their home.  For most patients, the symptoms of COVID-19 are manageable, and proper rest and medication are sufficient to weather the storm. 

But we are seeing that this strategy has inherent problems: 

  • How can healthcare providers keep an eye on people who are healing at home? 
  • How can they be sure that patients are taking proper medication? 
  • What if these patients need resources outside of their home? How can we offer help so that they don’t feel compelled to leave their home? 
  • Finally, are doctors able to gather data on all their COVID-19 patients?  For instance, do patients share common symptoms? Are some symptoms changing with time? How long is it taking for patients to heal? What are signs that someone is on the mend?  

We shouldn’t have to deal with these problems, especially when we have a solution! 

INVU Solutions for COVID-19 Patients, Caregivers, and Government Officials

Fundamentally, our platform was created for caring for the elderly and most vulnerable who are isolated to their homes. We eager to adapt our platform to address the current problems created by COVID-19.

Tools for Government Officials

  • Continuation of Medical Care – Patients need active remote care.
  • Messaging – Disseminate accurate information to each quarantined individual.
  • Healthcare Protocols – Ensures compliance with medication protocol for the quarantined.
  • Data Collection – Identification and coordination of support services to all quarantined: Food, Medications, Social Services etc. Custom survey creation for epidemiological purposes

We at INVU are working round the clock to support all those affected by this pandemic. We are here to help. Please reach out to us directly for further information and to deploy our solution in your area

  • Let us know any specific information you need. Otherwise, we'll just get back to you ASAP.