Wayne Gretzky Quote - Skate Where the Puck is Going


  • In healthcare, we know change is coming. You can ignore this future, or you act on it.
  • The carve-in will be detrimental to hospices in general.
  • The future may be grim, with the right technology, the future is bright!
  • Tech can help your hospice outshine your competitors, maximize reimbursements, and multiply your workforce.

Dealing with Uncertainty

I am terrified of ice skating, and I don’t understand hockey. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona, and hockey is only an abstract sport. But maybe my favorite quote on business leadership comes from the famous hockey player Wayne Gretzky. When asked how to achieve his levels of success, he explained it bluntly:

“Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.”

Of course we all love this quote. It’s so simple yet so profound. Nobody has to explain its meaning. We all get it. We all know it’s true. It feels good to read it and read it again.

The ultimate challenge is to put this truth into action. In healthcare, to skate where the puck is going means that you ignore the intensity of the present moment, which is almost impossible. Everything around us is both important and urgent. Each day, you carry a tremendous burden to lead your staff so that they can provide excellent care for patients and their families.

Yet we manage to make small decisions today that make a big impact in the future. More effort today makes an easier tomorrow. Right now you could look away from this screen and recall several “risky decisions” that you made to better prepare for the future. These are often our most proud moments.

When I led a hospice and palliative care group, we knew that something had to change if we were to break through to care for more patients. We hired a sales team. We equipped them with smart, convincing marketing materials and an excellent website. Those steps seemed risky then, but they helped create an awesome future. I regret nothing!

The Future and the Carve-In

Most of the future is unknown, a story that hasn’t been written. Yet in healthcare, we know change is coming. There’s no doubt, no question, no speculation. You can ignore this future, or you act on it.

We are all concerned about the carve in, and know that it will be detrimental to hospices in general. However, we have to choose to play or simply sit out which is no choice at all.

  • First and foremost, we have to be selected into the Managed Care Club. How can you stand out with many competitors? The decision makers in Managed Care have many, many options.
  • Second, how do we validate our level of care and that we are going over and beyond to maximize reimbursements?
  • Finally, if our reimbursements are cut across the board, we are left in a difficult task of finding a workforce multiplier. We must provide more touches and better outcomes with the staff that we have.

Anyway you look at it, the future is grim. Or is it?

INVU Solves the Problem

When I met the famous Rick Slager (another veteran athlete, but with a better sport), I knew that his company was special. He bundled all of his experience in healthcare to create a remarkable telemedicine solution called INVU.

At first glance, his tech company could be understood as a bunch of connected apps for the patient, families, and care team. But on closer look, INVU is a sophisticated platform that can significantly improve patient care and increase profitability too. When we look into the future and see the perils of the carve-in, it makes absolute sense to do all that we can to stabilize your revenue. (Oh, the end of the story is that Rick showed me how the apps worked, I wanted all of them, and then decided to join the INVU team. It was a productive morning.)

I love what we have made here at INVU, and I love the people like you that we get to work with. Thank you for your commitment to caring for others, especially the most vulnerable. I am proud of the help that we offer with INVU, and I would love to show you how we can equip you for the future. I want to show you how we can replace anxiety with confidence and optimism.