Each patient will receive a secure, dedicated kiosk connected to the INVU Care Network. Through the kiosk, the patient, family members and care team are all connected and thus able to easily communicate patient care needs and important feedback.. 

The INVU Care Network also supports your patient with important reminders, medication support, status updates, education, and access to their community, family, helpful services, purposeful activities and timely information.  The system is monitored 24/7 by familiar professional triage staff so issues are addressed quickly, details do not fall through the cracks, and health calamities are avoided whenever possible.

The kiosk provides your team with an easy-to-use video communication tool for each patient, care team and family caregivers.  Through more frequent communications with your patients and care teams your team can better operationalize important aspects of the patient’s care plan, including patient status, reminders, vitals measurements, education and information transfer. 

When your patient has a need for care, your team is notified and can immediately initiate a video call.  In a recent study of the INVU Care platform, 98% of all calls were video face to face calls verses phone interactions, building a stronger connection between the care team, the patient and the family, while allowing the patient and their families to feel more supported, informed and satisfied with the care that was being delivered.