INVU’s Active Remote Care provides more patient touches and real-time patient knowledge so issues are addressed before they escalate into costly interventions.  Additionally, the INVU Care platform helps reduce stat pharmacy refills, stat medical supply replenishment, and unanticipated ER visits. This workforce multiplier works 24/7 to help leverage your staff’s time and attention to focus on what matters most to your patients and their families.

With the INVU Care platform, your team will have more availability to address patient and family needs. This should lead to the opportunity for higher caregiver to patient ratios and family satisfaction scores.  Referral sources will see your agency as differentiated because of your increased patient touches and improved communication platform. Through INVU, your team will have the ability to put eyes on their patient population immediately, 24/7, so that appropriate resources are assigned quickly, efficiently and effectively.  Additionally, the INVU Care platform provides longitudinal patient data so payors see the impact of your care delivery model through improved patient trending scores and measures.

INVU Care is designed to help your health organization achieve your goals in serving all your patients and their families. Because our organization came right out of caregiving,  we are committed to empowering our customers with the best tools possible to accomplish their patient care goals while insuring great quality outcomes.

We offer you our innovative caregiver, patient and family network, created by the caregiving team at INVU Care.