Your entire care team may now access your patients through the INVU Care secure web portal.  Through the portal your care team can operationalize the patient’s care plan, schedule customized patient surveys, and add important reminders to their calendars.  They can make secure video calls to remotely evaluate a patient’s progress, assess their needs and make more informed decisions around the care plan.  You can choose to have your patient video calls recorded to support your care documentation. 

Case managers can pull together care staff, physicians, patients and family members simultaneously for video discussions.  In this way, all care issues, status, and plans are communicated, understood, and resolved efficiently with full input from everyone involved.  Additionally, your care team can streamline communication with family members by using the Care Journal module.    

INVU Care’s bi-directional APIs will allow INVU to build interfaces to your EMR and other systems so that your team can avoid inefficient double entries.   

In addition to the web portal, INVU will soon introduce the Care Team mobile app.  This app is designed specifically to support video communication between your care team and their patients using their smart phone or tablet.  The system automatically captures call details and pre-populates a patient interaction form.  Your staff adds specific call details based on their patient communication and follow-up. The system then emails them a HIPAA compliant patient interaction report to support care documentation and billing using their primary EMR solution.