INVU Care Features

How We Improve Quality of Care and Reduce Cost

Feature Impact Preliminary Indicators
Call Me Button
  • Redirect level of care
  • Preventable adverse event
  • Member satisfaction
  • 22 avoided trips to the hospital*
  • 13 ambulance transfers avoided*

* 6-month pilot with 200+ members

24/7 Access to Care
  • Immediate psychosocial support
  • Ability to remain in usual and customary residence
  • 28% of alerts were psychosocial support (reduce panic and anxiety), empowering cognitive decision making and appropriate level of care
  • 60% of alerts resulted in clinical care delivery
Video Calls
  • Visual and audio assessment capability
  • Member personal connection
98% of calls to members were face to face video calls
Alerts & Reminders Care plan compliance
  • Over 75% of members found medication reminders the most important feature of the solution.
  • Drove outreach for clarification; 66% of questions were related to care plan compliance
  • Improved outcomes that mitigate the likelihood of an adverse events.
Predictive Alerts Mobilizing virtual care intervention based on survey data (weight change, blood pressure change, etc.) Timely intervention reduces risk of high cost adverse events e.g. Evelyn’s story
Member, Family & Care Giver Engagement Viable care transition support Care Team support enables a decreasing Length of Stay and reduces the potential for readmission.
Provider Branded System (white label)
  • Member engagement and compliance
  • Member satisfaction
  • Member loyalty
The Provider branded system delivers each participating member a trusted and direct extension of their provider’s care. This increases the member’s confidence and care plan compliance, as well as loyalty.