Independent Living,
Assisted Living,
Memory Care,
Life Enrichment Communities,
and Senior Living Communities

Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Life Enrichment Communities, and Senior Living Communities

Most of the families that visit your facility never come back. Maybe the aging parent wasn’t ready, or maybe they opted for another community. With INVU, you can send a family home with a kiosk and immediately offer active remote care. And after you’ve provided consistent care remotely, the family will be eager to choose your community for their aging parent.

Even better, once the parent has joined your community, you can now serve the resident with our kiosk, offering new programs and scheduled services.

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  • Create service pricing for profitable active remote care

  • Upgrade our kiosk and software with your company logos and branding

  • Differentiate from competitors

  • Enhance quality of service within your facility

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Results and Efficiencies

Completed Surveys

With INVU, 89% of surveys were completed on our resident kiosk.


With INVU, 98% of resident follow-ups are face-to-face video calls, not phone calls.


With INVU, 94% of alerts concern resident care & support (66% of the alerts resolve care plan compliance issues; 28% of alerts resolve ad hoc resident needs).

of residents report they use their kiosk every week
of alerts were for medication compliance issues and were resolved by concierge call center
avoided hospital fees and $5k ambulance fees, based on six-month study of 129 individuals who avoided 22 hospital ED visits and 12 ambulance transports

INVU Care Features

How We Improve Quality of Care and Reduce Cost for Assisted Living

Feature Impact Preliminary Indicators
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  • Redirect level of care
  • Preventable adverse event
  • Resident satisfaction
  • 22 avoided trips to the hospital*
  • 13 ambulance transfers avoided*

* 6-month pilot with 200+ individuals

24/7 Access to Care
  • Immediate psychosocial support
  • Ability to remain in usual and customary residence
  • 28% of alerts were psychosocial support (reduce panic and anxiety), empowering cognitive decision making and appropriate level of care
  • 60% of alerts resulted in clinical care delivery
Video Calls
  • Visual and audio assessment capability
  • Resident personal connection
98% of calls to residents were face to face video calls
Alerts & Reminders Care plan compliance
  • Over 75% of residents found medication reminders the most important feature of the solution.
  • Drove outreach for clarification; 66% of questions were related to care plan compliance
  • Improved outcomes that mitigate the likelihood of an adverse events.
Predictive Alerts Mobilizing virtual care intervention based on survey data (weight change, blood pressure change, etc.) Timely intervention reduces risk of high cost adverse events e.g. Evelyn’s story
Resident, Family & Care Giver Engagement Viable care transition support Care Team support enables a decreasing Length of Stay and reduces the potential for readmission.
Provider Branded System (white label)
  • Resident engagement and compliance
  • Resident satisfaction
  • Resident loyalty
The Provider branded system delivers each participating resident a trusted and direct extension of their provider’s care. This increases the resident’s confidence and care plan compliance, as well as loyalty.

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