INVU for Hospice Care

INVU for Hospice Care

We believe in a future where in-person care and Active Remote Care blend together seamlessly to ensure a more efficient, holistic, engaging patient care experience at lower cost.

What is Invu?

INVU is a communication platform designed specifically to meet the needs of hospice patients and the caregivers who support them. Not only does INVU create dramatic efficiency gains for hospice and palliative care providers, but it also engages the patient, gives family members peace of mind, and keeps them connected, resulting in higher patient satisfaction.

Who Created INVU?

We are a team of experienced caregivers and technologists working collaboratively to create a platform to improve the lives of patients, families, and the care teams that support them.

Case Study: Reduced Hospitlizations

Grow Your Hospice

  • Tangible differentiation from your competitors

  • Increase patient & family interactions between home visits

  • Referral source meetings now include quick technology demo

  • Differentiation and interest in technology increases referrals

  • Drive efficiency for Rural Hospice

Drive Differentiation in the Marketplace

  • Think differently

  • Gain market-share by offering something unique

  • Secure payor contracts by having an innovative solution

Serve Rural Patients in Real Time

  • More time spent delivering care

  • Productivity through video and telemonitoring, supplementing home visit

  • Drive time and speed to treat

  • Educate and Support patients and caregivers through video

  • Enhanced CAHPS ratings

  • Incorporate Rural Physicians

Results and Efficiencies

Completed Surveys

With INVU, 89% of surveys were completed on our Patient Kiosk.

Patient Follow-Up

With INVU, 98% of patient follow-up contacts are face-to-face video calls, not phone calls.


With INVU, 94% of alerts concern patient care & support (66% of the alerts resolve care plan compliance issues; 28% of alerts resolve ad hoc patient needs).

of patients report they use the patient kiosk every week
of alerts were for medication compliance issues and were resolved by nurse triage call center
avoided hospital fees and $5k ambulance fees, based on six-month study of 129 patients who avoided 22 hospital ED visits and 12 ambulance transports

INVU Care Features

How We Improve Quality of Care and Reduce Cost for Hospice Care Providers

Feature Impact Preliminary Indicators
Call Me Button
  • Redirect level of care
  • Preventable adverse event
  • Patient satisfaction
  • 22 avoided trips to the hospital*
  • 13 ambulance transfers avoided*

* 6-month pilot with 200+ patients

24/7 Access to Care
  • Immediate psychosocial support
  • Ability to remain in usual and customary residence
  • 28% of alerts were psychosocial support (reduce panic and anxiety), empowering cognitive decision making and appropriate level of care
  • 60% of alerts resulted in clinical care delivery
Video Calls
  • Visual and audio assessment capability
  • Patient personal connection
98% of calls to patients were face to face video calls
Alerts & Reminders Care plan compliance
  • Over 75% of patients found medication reminders the most important feature of the solution.
  • Drove outreach for clarification; 66% of questions were related to care plan compliance
  • Improved outcomes that mitigate the likelihood of an adverse events.
Predictive Alerts Mobilizing virtual care intervention based on survey data (weight change, blood pressure change, etc.) Timely intervention reduces risk of high cost adverse events
Patient, Family & Care Giver Engagement Viable care transition support Care Team support enables a decreasing Length of Stay and reduces the potential for readmission.
Provider Branded System (white label)
  • Patient engagement and compliance
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Patient loyalty
The Provider branded system delivers each participating patient a trusted and direct extension of their provider’s care. This increases the patient’s confidence and care plan compliance, as well as loyalty.

“One of my hospice patient’s wife used to call me 3-4 times per week⁠—mainly due to stress. Since [INVU] has been placed at her home, I have not received any emergency phone calls from her. She has used the the Patient Kiosk a couple of times to reach out to me, but mainly she loves the videos and instructions on the device. It really gives her a great deal of peace of mind! Thank you for such a great tool!

⁠— Cathy, Hospice Nurse, Scottsdale, Arizona

“We had our first official [INVU] call tonight and it was a huge success. It was very beneficial to actually see the patient and assess her health while speaking face to face. Makes a huge difference! I was hesitant about this but now am pretty excited about it.”

⁠— Kim, Hospice Nurse, Scottsdale, Arizona

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