Our INVU Care platform helped longterm care communities navigate unprecedented times.

Stories of INVU Helping Longterm Care Communities During the COVID-19 Crisis

It’s been an intense but beautiful few weeks here at INVU. I wanted to share some good news about how our technology is helping people on the frontlines of healthcare!

Senior Housing Community, OK

During the current pandemic, a senior house community in Oklahoma launched the INVU Care platform within their community to help their 200+ residents prevent the negative effects of loneliness and isolation in addition to utilizing INVU for tele-health visits by their clinical team. With the shelter-in-place order in effect, Concordia decided to be proactive about the current situation by providing much needed connectivity to their residents, to help support, engage and connect them with their families and Care Teams.

Their staff members were able to connect daily via video calls to their residents to provide much needed support and care. In one instance, INVU was able to facilitate the video communication between father and daughter who haven’t been able to see each other for the past two months due to the lockdown. Tom, the father, shed tears of joy and appreciation along with his daughter, as Tom didn’t have any technological means of connecting with her prior to the INVU platform. INVU is now in the process of launching to 125 residents within their community. The program will expand to their entire community within the next 3 months. Additionally, this community has ordered additional tablets to empower the sales and marketing teams to begin building out their Non-resident member program, creating a “connected” pipeline.


Amidst the current pandemic, a multi-state ISNP decided to differentiate themselves by providing the INVU platform to their qualified members in 2 states, NJ and OK. Their hope was that the INVU platform would help provide connectivity to their isolated members, connecting them to their families, while also giving them access to resources, educational material and other engaging content to help boost their spirits. Since launching in June, INVU has connected many members to their families, many of whom have not seen each other in several months.

We are working around the clock to launch new partnerships to help more residents!

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