Person using INVU Care

On March 12, we shared that we believed that our INVU platform could play a unique role in managing the COVID-19 pandemic.  Today we wanted to share an update on part of what’s been keeping us busy.

Stories of INVU Helping Healthcare Providers During the COVID-19 Crisis

It’s been an intense but beautiful few weeks here at INVU. I wanted to share some good news about how our technology is helping people on the frontlines of healthcare!

1) At PureHealth in Ohio, we launched their program in 3 days! Healthcare providers including palliative care, psychiatry, and dietitians are now using the INVU platform (named “Pure Connect”) to directly communicate with their patients through the patient app and care team app on their phone.

2) At Sage Hospice and Palliative Care in Arizona, many disciplines including nurses are not able to see their patients that live in facilities. Hospice facilities are in complete lockdown to limit exposure to COVID-19. Sage nurses are driving to the facility with an INVU tablet (named “Sage Connect”) and hand the device to the charge head nurse at the front door.  The charge nurse sanitizes the tablet and brings it to the patient’s room. From the parking lot, the Sage nurse is able to see the patient. The charge nurse is sanitizing in-between every patient and then returns it to the Sage nurse so she can go on to another facility.

Because of INVU, these patients are getting excellent attention in a difficult time.  Care teams feel equipped with the right tools to do a difficult job in uncertain times.  The impossible feels possible.

We are working around the clock to launch new partnerships to help more patients!

Can we help you and your company? Can we help you better care for patients? Do not hesitate to reach out to me!