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With INVU, seniors in long-term care communities can connect with families and with other residents this Thanksgiving.

An Intimate Thanksgiving?

We are entering the holiday season in unusual times.  Every year, we look forward to Thanksgiving because we can be reunited with family and reconnect with our roots. Most of us will find a way to celebrate for Thanksgiving in 2020, but for many seniors, a family reunion is not an option. 

We all know that infection rates of COVID-19 seem to hit record highs with every day. Health officials are sounding the alarm, and mayors and governors are trying to safeguard their communities in whatever way they can.  New “lockdown” may slow the spread of coronavirus, but have far-reaching impact on families, businesses, and the healthcare system as a whole.

This means that leaders of long-term care communities must accomplish the impossible: protect their residents from COVID-19, while at the same time, ensure that seniors remain connected to their families and to one another.  These human connections are central! We all know that isolation and  loneliness can be devastating to a person’s health. (Read more in our March blog: Addressing the Social Determinants of Health.)  So in winning one battle (protecting from the coronavirus), you lose the other battle.  So for most LTC communities, every day in 2020 feels like a defeat.

Yet other LTC communities are thriving in 2020. Our platform enables seniors to get stay healthy and stay connected even in extraordinary times.  Here are a couple quotes from seniors:

“As we enter another lockdown, I’m super thankful to have INVU as I have video calls with my children on a daily basis.” —Donita, IL resident, OKC

Some seniors are maximizing their social calendar with INVU. Maybe we should take some inspiration?

“With INVUs new peer-to-peer calling feature, I can now have video calls with my friends at my community. We used to have lunch together several times per week but now we can do so virtually.” – Dellora,  IL resident

Dellora is one of many seniors in LTC who is loving our new feature where can ‘friend’ their peers within their community so that they can have video calls even when they cannot be in the room together. It’s beautiful to see our platform strengthening the social connections within the walls of a LTC community.

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