Rural hospice care doctors spend more time on the road than they do with patients.


  • With the right technology, you can better assess patient condition and prioritize visits.
  • With increased revenue and higher CAHPS scores, you can hire more people and grow your business.

Tools for Rural Hospice and Palliative Care

Rural palliative and hospice is difficult. With patients spread out over a large geographic region, your care team may spend more time in the car in between patients than they actually spend with the patients. This presents two fundamental problems for rural hospices.

  • Problem 1: It’s difficult to understand the overall condition of your patients because you rely only on the information you receive from family caregivers over the phone.

    You do your best to understand each patient’s condition and then to prioritize visits based on need. But we all have stories of a nurse rushing out the door first thing in the morning to drive across town, only to discover that her patient was doing quite well. These stories are annoying, but forgivable.

    There is a dark side to this same story, when a patient who needs care soon because of worsening condition, but your team didn’t understand how bad it had become because their caregiver didn’t tell an accurate story. You arrive late in the day, sometimes too late.

    You have trouble sleeping at night. Your heart hurts.

  • Problem 2: You are unable to hire a strong staff who can deliver the high quality of care that you dream about.

    Hiring more people requires more resources. But without good reimbursements from Medicare, you never feel equipped to do the job they way you want to. Of course your team will give 100% and do whatever they can, but sometimes passion and commitment are not enough.

    Don’t be discouraged, there’s hope.

Honey, Let Me Tell You About INVU

I’m not going to be cool about this. How about I just blurt this out with a nifty table below. We have a solution to these problems with INVU!

Objective The Norm With INVU
Expansion / Growth Modest, incremental growth based on recommendations Serve more patients, expand your reach
Providing Care to Patients
  • Difficult.
  • Spread thin.
  • A lot of drive time. 
  • Manageable.  Care Team feels like they have the tools to do the job right.
  • Instant eyes on patients.
  • Address issues in real time.
Following up with Family
  • Multiple messages, phone calls, misunderstandings lead to frustration.
  • Incompliant with Care Plan.
  • Streamlined.
  • Consistent communication and education.
  • Families know what is happening and they know what they have to do for their loved one.
 Reimbursements Carve-in undermines your profitability and your ability to run a strong company. Maximize Reimbursements
  • If you want to grow, you have to hire more people.
  • Concern of over-hiring and overhead costs
  • INVU is a workforce multiplier.
  • The people you have today can do more.
  • Morale booster for your care team. They are more capable.
Billing Codes Shortage of providers, far enough distance away to qualify (higher reimbursements.)

So What is INVU?

So you are on our website, so feel free to click around. But essentially we are a communications platform for healthcare providers. We have created cool apps to help everyone involved in care (patient, family, and your care team) stay connected.

What about In-Person Touches?

I am going to finish with this because this was very very important to my hospice. My hospice grew significantly over 5 years, and I can credit much of that success to our in-person touches that separated us from the rest. So let me yell this from the rooftops–telemedicine should never replace in-person care! Telemedicine exists only to enhance in-person care. Patients and families appreciate the video calls, they love the updates to the family app, and when your nurse arrives in a family’s home, they are equipped for a quality checkup.

Do you run a rural hospice or palliative care company? Reach out to me with your toughest questions.